Based in California…

I’m Alice, a 22 year-old travel and landscape photographer awaiting the next adventure. I grew up hiking & camping in the wide outdoors (thanks to my wonderful family) and took up photography at 12 years old when I realized that I wanted something to look back on. My passion for photography and travel grew greater when I was finally able to drive on my own which prompted even more road trips with friends and my significant other, Timothy. I hope to share my love for the outdoors with you, just as I have with those around me.

Life is meant to be lived, so why not live it the best way we can?


Interested in travel advice & tips? Trying to figure out where to travel? When? Why? What to bring?

Timothy Garcia and I created a travel blog to share what we know about the places we’ve traveled to. We’re broke young adults with an unstoppable passion for travel and we’re determined to make any trip worth it, on a budget. Come join us on our journey on Travel Toasty